Judicial Candidacy

Durham County needs a Judge with a broad background, and an understanding of the many courtrooms and areas of law that are decided in District Court. Even though I now primarily focus on Criminal Defense and general Civil Litigation, I have practiced in every type of District Court, including Abuse/Neglect/Dependency, Juvenile, Family Law, Criminal, Community Life Court, People’s Court, Family Court, and Civil Court, as well as the Superior Courts and Appellate Courts in North Carolina. I currently serve as an Arbitrator for Civil District Court as well. While I do have exposure to the various District Courts, I also understand that every case and situation is unique, and you need to continue to work and educate yourself on the various issues and facts of that particular case. While we often have many cases, and they seem routine, we also cannot forget that for the two parties, their case is not routine, and is critically important to them, and we need to treat each case accordingly.


In addition to my legal experience and training, I have experience in finance and business, which allows me to understand and evaluate the issues that are often faced in the Civil and Family courts when dealing with litigation and equitable distribution and valuation. I have also had my own law firm for over a decade, and am aware of the issues faced by many of the attorneys who practice in District Court, and the need for efficiency and consistency and the frustrations of significant delays and downtime. I will make sure I come to work each day ready to proceed.


While I recognize that we have an adversarial system, I believe that it doesn’t mean we have to be adversaries outside the courtroom. Too often the sense of professionalism and collegiality seems to get lost in the middle of cases, and I think the Judge can often play a role in helping to keep the parties focused on the issues in the case, and not the personalities. Many of you have had cases with me, or against me, and while we often have not agreed, I have always tried to comport myself with professionalism and civility, while still zealously advocating for my clients. I will bring that same professionalism and civility to the Bench if I am fortunate enough to be nominated.


It is impossible to convey a lot of information in a short Statement of Candidacy, so I encourage people to speak to their colleagues and speak to the candidates to get additional information and get answers to any questions you may have. You can also check out websites and other research, just make sure to look beyond the headlines of the sites.


There are many qualified candidates who have submitted their names, I believe my background and experience would allow me to serve with distinction and I ask for one of your five votes for recommendation to the Governor.