Useful Information

Criminal Court Date Finder

Click here to look up criminal court dates for District Court and many Superior Court cases.


Collateral Consequences of Criminal Offenses

Many criminal offenses carry collateral consequences, which are consequences in addition to what the Judge directly imposes. The UNC School of Government has a collateral consequences tool, available here, to help explain these consequences.


Impact of Traffic Tickets on Insurance Rates

This pdf brochure from the North Carolina Department of Insurance explains the impact that convictions of moving violations have on your car insurance rates.


Car Insurance Guide

This guide, also from the North Carolina Department of Insurance, explains different types of car insurance polices.


NC DMV Driver License Handbook

Here is a publication from the DMV explaining the laws regarding driver licenses. It also explains how many points are assessed on your driver license if you are convicted of a moving violation.


North Carolina General Statutes

The North Carolina General Assembly publishes the North Carolina General Statutes here.